Fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, milk, butter, chips, soda, steaks, cold cuts, deli salads, baked goods, candy, cleaning products, cigarettes, charcoal, sun screen, and more…


Created by local Artists: Framed regional photos, cards, post cards, t-shirts, fine woodwork, painted glass, jewelry and more…


The Olney Place boasts over 100 different beer labels on it’s shelves with breweries from all over the country. Our taproom, overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake, offers a dozen on the finest drafts on tap. Although constantly changing, we promise to try our best when it comes to offer something for the most discerning of pallets. Styles vary from lagers, ales, IPAs, porters and stouts and what we feel features the finest breweries available today.


Here T.O.P. offers high octane, non-ethanol gasoline. Although slips are limited, we will gladly save you a walk to the store or even a drive into town. Imagine the luxury of calling us and having virtually every item we sell delivered to your boat while we top off your tank. We feel this sets us apart from any other business in the region and allows us to boast that not “Olney” are we a store, but a lifestyle!


Firewood, sunscreen, Lotto, ice, ice cream, live bait, a sunny disposition, batteries, a hospitable staff, s’more necessities, artisan grocery items. In the end, we want you to think of us as a gourmet snack bar with an inspired pantry, set on maximizing your time on Keuka Lake and providing an unforgettable experience sure to please anyone in your party.