About The Olney Place


The Olney Place is a Market and Deli as well as gas dock located in Barrington, New York. On State Route 54 and on the Eastern shore of Keuka Lake, T.O.P. is conveniently located in the middle of nowhere! The store operates seasonally, shutting down during the winter months. The location has served as a general store since the 1930’s. Seth Olney purchased the store in 2006 tearing down the existing structure and building a new store naming it “The Olney Place.” The store continues to add and improve its products and services striving to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the local community. Although the store is relatively new, you will find classic rural charm when sitting in the rocking chairs on the large front porch. Customers also utilize additional chairs and picnic tables over looking scenic Keuka Lake and the Bluff while sipping, chatting and enjoying a tasty sandwich. Indoor dining is provided as well. Bring your laptop as free WiFi is always available and one of the many features of this Finger Lakes destination. Seth Olney is a lifelong promoter of Keuka Lake, the Finger Lakes and its wine trails. The wine trails are continually developing and The Olney Place is always keeping pace.

Property History


IN THE EARLY 1900’S, the location began as a canning house during the first three decades of the 1900’s. In the 1930’s it was purchased by a local man named, Sam Kenyon, who turned it into a general store named “Kenyon’s”. Sam operated it until the 1950’s when his nephew Leo purchased it and operated Kenyon’s until 1979. Charlie Brown then purchased it and changed the name to “Charlie’s Mart” operating the thriving little store until 1988. From there local business owner, Barry Cox (owner of the Switzerland Inn at the time) operated the  establishment and changed the name to “Froggy’s Country Store.” It has had several owners since then until Seth Olney purchased the property in 2006, tore down the then dilapidated structure, and built the existing store, naming it “The Olney Place” (As he was often reminded during the purchasing process that it was the “only” place between Penn Yan and Hammondsport!)